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Solar Energy Services

Saguaro Solar, a certified solar contractor in Tucson, expertly installs and services solar systems for optimal performance.

The Solar Energy Experts You Can Rely On

Saguaro Solar is proud to be Tucson’s top locally owned solar contractor and winner of the 2023 Arizona Daily Star Readers’ Choice Award. Whether you’re looking for solar panel installation, repair, or maintenance, our dedicated team is here to meet all your solar energy needs.

Solar Services We Offer

Saguaro Solar experts perform professional solar panel installation in a residential house.

Solar Panel Installation

Our residential solar solutions are tailored to your home’s energy needs, ensuring a smooth process from site assessment to installation.

Saguaro Solar technicians conducting precise repairs on damaged solar panels in Tucson

Solar Panel Repair

Saguaro Solar specializes in solar panel repairs and replacements, ensuring your solar energy system investment is quickly back online in the event of damage.

Saguaro Solar providing thorough maintenance on solar panels to ensure peak performance in Tucson.

Solar Panel Maintenance

We offer comprehensive maintenance, cleaning, and monitoring services to ensure your solar system operates at peak performance.

Saguaro Solar experts on the roof removing and reinstalling solar panels, ensuring proper maintenance and efficiency.

Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation

Saguaro Solar provides expert solar panel removal and reinstallation services to ensure your system is safely and efficiently handled during roof repairs or upgrades.

Advanced solar battery storage systems installed by Saguaro Solar to enhance energy efficiency in Tucson homes.

Solar Battery Storage

Residential battery storage solutions are an eco-friendly and smart investment for your home. Enhance your power reliability and use stored power during off-peak hours.

Saguaro Solar delivers professional commercial solar services, optimizing energy solutions for businesses.

Commercial Solar Services

Our commercial solar services offer a smart investment for your business. Saguaro Solar customizes solutions to cut energy costs with minimal downtime and disruption.

Saguaro Solar

Save 20% or more on electric with no money down.

Reduced Carbon Footprint by 80% icon

Reduce your carbon emissions by up to 80%.

Saguaro Solar

25 year performance warranty on solar panels.

Saguaro Solar

Increase your home value by up to 4%.

Saguaro Solar, a Tucson solar contractor, expertly installs a solar panel on a residential rooftop.

Your Tucson Solar Company

When choosing a solar contractor in Tucson, the quality of both the products used and the installation services offered are paramount. Saguaro Solar is committed to providing top-tier solar panels and equipment from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Our 100% in-house solar contractor team comprises skilled and certified professionals with expertise in solar energy, roofing and electric. We never outsource, working only with in-house crews you can trust.

Why Choose Saguaro Solar?

Locally Owned

Owners Doug Vernon and Noe Quijada are Tucson locals committed to the growth and flourishing of Tucson.

In-house Install Team

We never subcontract solar installs. All installers are in-house staff, accountable for your project from end-to-end.

Dual Licensed

We are fully licensed in solar and roofing to ensure complete integrity of your roof during solar panel installation.

Time Availability

We get back to all customers quickly and efficiently to make sure you are fully taken care of for the lifetime of your project.

Quick Response

Our team is available to quickly respond to any issues that arise, ensuring your system remains operational.

25 Year System Warranty

Our 25-year warranties ensure your investment in solar energy is fully protected against weather and equipment failure.

Expert Roofing for Seamless Solar Integration

Installing solar panels requires precise expertise not only in solar technology but also in roofing. Our in-house team of experts are dually licensed in roofing and solar energy systems with the knowledge needed for safe, quality solar installation. 

At Saguaro Solar, we understand the importance of ensuring that your roof is solid, secure, and suitable for a long-lasting solar setup. Strong workmanship during the solar installation process is paramount to protect against leaks, structural damage, and to extend the overall life of your roof.

Saguaro Solar, a Tucson roofing company, excels in integrating solar panels with expert roofing solutions.
Saguaro Solar, a Tucson roofing company, specializes in expertly integrating solar panels with high-quality roofing.

What Our Customers Say About
Saguaro Solar

Saguaro Solar 5 star customer review from Junie Baerwald
Junie Baerwald

We needed a solar company to remove our solar panels from our roof and then reinstall them after having a new tile roof, Saguaro Solar was the ONLY company who would do the job. They responded with very little notice and did an excellent job.

Saguaro Solar 5 star customer review from Mindy Sensiba
Mindy Sensiba

They did a good job on our solar install. They answered questions when they came up and were very pleasant to deal with. I can recommend them.

Saguaro Solar 5 star customer review from Jonathan Roth
Jonathan Roth

Saguaro Solar did an excellent job designing and installing our solar system. They are outstanding communicators – keeping us abreast of the process every step of they way. Strongly recommend!

Ensuring High-Quality Solar Power Systems

Our team of certified solar contractors is dedicated to delivering not just energy solutions, but also ensuring that each installation reflects the highest quality standards in the industry. Attention to detail is paramount, and we take pride in executing each project with precision and care.

State-of-the-Art Materials and Techniques

The quality of materials used can significantly impact your solar system’s efficiency and longevity. We utilize top-tier solar panels, inverters, and mounting hardware, procured from reputable manufacturers that stand behind their products with robust warranties. By consistently updating our technique to stay equipped with the latest advancements, we ensure that your solar system is not only built for today but also for the future.

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Saguaro Solar, a leading Tucson solar contractor, provides expert installation and maintenance of solar systems.
Saguaro Solar, a reputable solar contractor in Tucson, installs quality solar panels on a local building.

Rigorous Quality Control Processes

Quality control is ingrained in our culture and workflow. We implement stringent quality checks at every stage of the installation process. From initial design to final inspection, our process is designed to identify and rectify any issues before they become problems, assuring that your clean energy investment is safe and reliable.

Transparent Communication and Service

Exceptional customer service forms the backbone of our business philosophy. Clear and transparent communication ensures that you are informed and comfortable throughout the entire installation process. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we welcome your questions and feedback, and strive to address any concerns with the utmost promptness and professionalism.

Your Trusted In-House Solar Experts

Don’t risk putting your solar energy project into the wrong hands. At Saguaro Solar, our team is made up of trusted in-house experts. We never outsource, so you can feel confident in your decision to partner with a locally-owned solar company that puts quality first.

From solar integration for your home to large-scale commercial solar projects, the team at Saguaro is standing by to handle any solar project with the expert care your home or business deserves. Contact us today to talk about quality solar repairs, maintenance, and installations today!

Saguaro Solar's in-house experts in Tucson providing comprehensive solar solutions with professional service.