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Why Choose Saguaro Solar?

As Tucson’s solar power experts, we’re leading the industry with:

25 Year System Warranty

Our Panasonic panels come with a full 25 year performance and workmanship warranty.

25 Year Inverter Warranty

SolarEdge inverters come with a 12 year warranty, but we extend that warranty to 25 years!

25 Year Production Guarantee

All systems come with an industry leading 25 years production guarantee.

Your System Will Produce as Promised!

Or you will be reimbursed for the difference annually and/or more panels will be installed at no additional cost.

System Monitoring

Most companies offer only 5 or 12 years of system monitoring. We offer 25 years.

25 Years at No Additional Cost

We give you a private customer portal so you can monitor the production of your system online.

Mobile app coming soon!


We build relationships that last beyond install and activation, and our systems are expandable.

Your system can grow as your needs grow!

Whether your consumption increases due to new family members or the purchase of an electric vehicle, we’ll be glad to expand your system to meet future energy needs.

How it Works

Step 1: Site Audit

One of our expert Solar Technicians will conduct a site audit at your home. We’ll examine your roof, attic and electrical panel and discuss your home’s needs based upon your location and situation.

2. Design & Layout

Our systems are designed specifically for your home, energy needs and preferences.

3. Documents

Assure that all documents are signed and up to date as we work towards scheduling your installation and keeping your project moving forward.

4. Installation

Unlike other companies, building permits, utility approvals and installation are all done simultaneously.

With completed paperwork and design we will submit your project plans to your local city or county government for approval.

Most system installations take less than a day to complete. You will receive a morning or afternoon arrival window. If you are home for the installation great. But if you are not that is perfectly ok, we just ask that your pets are put away.

5. Inspection

Once we receive the permit, utility approval and the system has been installed, we schedule inspection with the city or county. Typically these inspections do not require you to be home.

6. Power on!

We submit a request to your utility to have your new bi-directional meter installed.  We estimate this step to take 4-5 weeks but

2-3 weeks is also very common.

solar power system diagram

The Saguaro Solar Team

saguaro solar team

Our goal is to help Arizona homeowners take advantage of better ways to power their homes, save money and increase property values.