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Saguaro Solar, a certified solar contractor in Tucson, expertly installs and services solar systems for optimal performance.

Electricians You Can Trust

Electricity powers our lives, from the simplest domestic tasks to the most complex systems. Recognizing the integral role of electrical systems, we offer a broad spectrum of electrical services in Tucson, designed to ensure that your circuits, appliances, and fixtures operate efficiently, safely, and reliably.

Electrical Services We Offer

At Saguaro Solar, we take pride in offering a wide array of top-notch electrical solutions to the Tucson area. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home, maintain your office’s electrical systems, or require specialized services, our team of certified electricians is here to ensure that your electrical systems are efficient, safe, and reliable. Take a look at some of the core services we provide:

Saguaro Solar performs professional installation of high-efficiency solar panels in a residential area.

Electrical Repairs

Our certified electricians are on hand to swiftly diagnose and rectify any electrical problems you may encounter, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum safety.

Expert technician from Saguaro Solar working on an electrical panel in Tucson, showcasing advanced electrical services.

Main Panel Upgrades

Upgrade your main electrical panel for safety and energy efficiency. Our electricians can handle your main panel upgrades from end-to-end.

Saguaro Solar providing thorough maintenance on solar panels to ensure peak performance in Tucson.

EV Charger Installations

Fast-charge your EV from home. We customize electric vehicle charger installations to optimize charging times and reduce energy costs.

Advanced solar battery storage systems installed by Saguaro Solar to enhance energy efficiency in Tucson homes.

Emergency Electrician

Electrical emergencies can arise at any time. Whether it’s a power outage or an electrical hazard, our team is ready to provide prompt assistance to keep you and your property safe.

Electric Panel Replacements and Upgrades

Upgrade your electrical system with Saguaro Solar’s expert electric panel replacement and upgrade services. As technology advances and energy demands increase, ensuring your electric panel can handle the load is essential for both safety and efficiency. Trust our certified electricians to deliver reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Icon of a checklist with a checkmark, symbolizing a completed professional assessment of a property.

Professional Assessment

Our certified electricians conduct thorough assessments of your current electric panel to determine its capacity and identify any potential safety hazards or inefficiencies.

Icon of an electrical panel representing customized upgrades to the electrical system

Customized Upgrades

Whether you need to replace an outdated panel or upgrade to accommodate additional electrical appliances or solar power systems, we offer customized solutions to meet your requirements and budget.

Icon of a badge with an electrical symbol, representing safety compliance with electrical standards

Safety Compliance

Ensure your home meets the latest safety standards and electrical codes with our compliant electric panel replacements and upgrades, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

Icon of a lightning bolt on a circle of electrical switches, representing surge protection or electrical safety measures.

Efficiency Enhancements

Upgrade to energy-efficient electric panels equipped with modern features such as surge protection and smart metering, helping you save on energy costs while reducing environmental impact.

Icon of a badge with a thumbs-up inside an electrical panel, symbolizing reliable and trustworthy electrical service.

Reliable Service

With our dedication to quality and craftsmanship, you can trust that your electric panel replacement or upgrade will be completed to the highest standards, ensuring lasting performance and reliability.

Why Choose Saguaro Solar?

Locally Owned

Owners Doug Vernon and Noe Quijada are Tucson locals committed to the growth and flourishing of Tucson.

In-house Install Team

We never subcontract solar installs. All installers are in-house staff, accountable for your project from end-to-end.

Dual Licensed

We are fully licensed in solar and roofing to ensure complete integrity of your roof during solar panel installation.

Time Availability

We get back to all customers quickly and efficiently to make sure you are fully taken care of for the lifetime of your project.

Quick Response

Our team is available to quickly respond to any issues that arise, ensuring your system remains operational.

25 Year System Warranty

Our 25-year warranties ensure your investment in solar energy is fully protected against weather and equipment failure.

What Our Customers Say About
Saguaro Solar

Saguaro Solar 5 star customer review from Junie Baerwald
Junie Baerwald

We needed a solar company to remove our solar panels from our roof and then reinstall them after having a new tile roof, Saguaro Solar was the ONLY company who would do the job. They responded with very little notice and did an excellent job.

Saguaro Solar 5 star customer review from Mindy Sensiba
Mindy Sensiba

They did a good job on our solar install. They answered questions when they came up and were very pleasant to deal with. I can recommend them.

Saguaro Solar 5 star customer review from Jonathan Roth
Jonathan Roth

Saguaro Solar did an excellent job designing and installing our solar system. They are outstanding communicators – keeping us abreast of the process every step of they way. Strongly recommend!

Electric Vehicle Charger Installations

Stay ahead of the curve with Saguaro Solar’s expert electric vehicle (EV) charger installation services. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, having a reliable charging solution at home is essential for convenience and sustainability. Our certified electricians specialize in installing EV chargers tailored to your needs, ensuring seamless integration with your home’s electrical system.

Personalized Consultation

Our experienced team begins with a personalized consultation to assess your home’s electrical capacity and discuss your charging needs and preferences. Whether you own a single EV or multiple vehicles, we’ll recommend the right charging solution for you.

Professional Installation

From wall-mounted chargers to standalone units, we handle every aspect of the installation process with precision and care, ensuring compliance with electrical codes and safety standards.

Future-Proof Solutions

As technology evolves, so do our charging solutions. We offer future-proof installations that can adapt to advancements in EV charging technology, ensuring your investment remains relevant for years to come.

Seamless Integration

Our expert electricians seamlessly integrate your EV charger with your home’s electrical system, providing a hassle-free charging experience without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.

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Expert technician from Saguaro Solar working on an electrical panel in Tucson, showcasing advanced electrical services.

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